Sunday, August 19, 2007

I even cook up summer in the Winterrr

In a previous interview Currrrrtis "50 Cent" Jackson stated that if Kanye West outsells him on September 11th... "Curtis" will be his last album.. and he will focus and produce artists in his camp... Heavy wager from a rapper that has released 3 tracks that I've never heard of... And with fishing around on the net. No one really cares about 50... With all this said this battle may not even happen due to that Kanye's "Graduation" album isn't even finished!! Kanye has a Friday deadline to get the tracks to his mastering company to have it ready by the 11th... That means another push back to late September maybe even early October... I was really looking forward to 50 backing away from the mic... We all know 'YE can cook up summer in the winterr, but I'm hoping he cooks 50 up in Septemberrr..

Friday, August 17, 2007

"WU-Tang is Chaotic, Within that Chaos, There is Order..." - RZA

The Wu-Tang Clan, is back from their 5 or 6 year haitus...
New LP is called 8 Diagrams, October 2007
Here's a Video link discussing their upcoming album

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Air Jordan Aqua VIII

September 22nd..Enough Said.

Sorry Mr. West is Gone? That isn't the case...

The Louis Vutton Don... is back with his annual drop... "Graduation"

Drops on September 11th... along with 50 Cent's album "Currrtis" We'll see who wins that battle for most copies sold... Sad to say i think Currrrrtis will win. But Ye will come out with the better album.

Ice Cream Man is a Comin'

The Chef is back! after X amount of years since Lex Diamond Story. Raekwon from Wu has made it known he is droppin the sequel to "Only Built 4 Cuban Links" if you don't have that album and you call yourself a rap fan... Reconsider yourself... Classic hip hop album..."Only Built 4 Cuban Links ll" has no said release date... Sources say Summer 2007.. but that can literally mean Winter 2010... Aint that right Dr. Dre? ... None the less keep your eye on here, for further info

The Heads Up.

First of all if you haven't seen Transformers and or The Bourne Ultimatum, do me and yourself a favour and go see these sick sick flicks! I've seen Transformers thrice times and will go see it again that wants to see it for the first time or again. The Bourne Ultimatum, in mine and others opinon the best one of the trilogy. So I highly recommend doing that up!

As for music that has come out in the past month or so...

T.I. - T.I vs T.I.P. - 7/10
Faboulus - 6/10
Common - Finding Forever - 8/10
Pharohoe Monch - 7.5/10
Civalringz - I *Newest Member of WU-Tang - 8/10
Timbaland - Shock Value - 7/10

We're Baaaaack!

After 3 long months of inactivity... Adam and I have decided to keep this blog a little more up to date... So since he is currently doing his thing in Europe. I'm going to do a quick little update on the latest (worth while) shoe, music, and movie drops in the past, present and future


3 months ago, Adam and I as stated in the previous blog went to the last leg of the Clipse's "Hell Hath No Fury Tour." We and the crowd did not leave disappointed. We all know that the Clipse are known for their flashy BAPE hoodies and such... So the crowd tried to follow suit and wore theirs to the show *Less than 5% real*... Tequila caught on to this trend and ordered all hoodies put into a 5 dollar coat check that was previously not explained upon arrival... I personally found it hilarious. Something that was not hilarious was that the show was slated to start at 9.00p.m... We all know rappers are late to the show and usually perform an hour after the ticketed time.... so after asking management when Clipse are going to show... we got 10:00 at 9... 11:00 at 10 and so on... With these gaps in the show, we learned after that the scheduled warm-up acts cancelled last second so to fill their spot, they had 2 NE Calgary duos take their place... And wow was it the most embarassing sight i have ever seen... "Can y'all say North!..East!" "Y'all Say Clipse, I Say Grindin'" were some of the "lyrics/crowd interactions" thrown down....

So Finally! 12:02A.M Clipse show up! Crowd goes wild... yes for clipse, but even more so for the fact that there weren't going to be any more clowns taking the stage...

Clipse open up with "Momma I'm So Sorry" which was a surprize to me, knowing that "We Got it For Cheap" would of been a great intro... which was performed right after. Clipse played all their hits from "When was The Last Time" to "What Happened to that Boy??" All I can say that I was in awe on how sick these two were on stage... Their transitions were to a T and didn't miss one line which rappers are known to do... They ended their set with "Wamp Wamp" ... As we thought... 15 minutes later... The beat to "Virginia" *my personal favorite song* starts to play... they get back on stage and rip out 2 more beats "Grindin' " and "Mr. Me Too".. After the completed set, we had some drinks and headed home in the snow... in May... Ryan Taylor and I ended up copping their set list after the show, which was a nice souvenir...

Momma I'm So Sorry
We Got it For Cheap
What Happened To That Boy??
Keys Open Doors
Cot Damn
Ride Around Shinin'
Ain't Cha
Chinese New Year
Wamp Wamp
Mr. Me Too..

On other news Del tha Funky Homosapian, Masta Killa, Members of Hiero played in the last few months...

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

The Clipse

Long time, No Talk!

Well hopefully the summer rays are turning you all into Lobsters...

May is a great month... First showing of summer, May Long camping and of course My Birthday...

Anyways... May is big for another reason... Possibly the biggest hip hop show of the year is drawing near... The Clipse are comin to Calgary... Sounds weirder every time I say it. Maybe Cause Weirder isn't a word. Clipse @ Tequila Nightclub May 23rd.. Buy them at Ticketmaster, Goodfoot, Group Seven, Ghettoblaster, Giant 45 and/or at Tequila for $35.00!

If these guys get past the border you will not be disappointed...

On other Clipse news...With their critcally praised album "Hell Hath No Fury" that has sold only 184 000 units. The Virginia Duo have announced that they are in and out of the studio working on 2 albums... One of their own and their Posse "Re-Up Gang." No release date has been dropped.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

P.S. - Flames Suck

On another note, flames suck. Detroit will beat them in the first round just like the Ducks did last year. And also hockey sucks since the installation of all those new rules and stipulations in the last 5 or so years.

Monday, April 09, 2007

Your Calgarrrrrrrrrrrrry Flaaaaaaaames

It's that time of year again... Flames squeaked into the playoffs... like we did 3 years ago... We're playing the Detroit Red Wings, the very same team we beat in 6 to advance to the Western Conference Finals!!
Here's a Video To bring back those memories

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Angry Video Game Nerd

If you loved the Original Nintendo Entertainment System, you'll love this guy. He reviews the worst Nintendo games of all time and does it hilariously. Click here to check all his videos on youtube.
Here's the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1 for NES review which is really good:

Evidence - The Weatherman LP

Track Listings
1. I Know
2. Weather Report 1
3. Mr Slow Flow
4. Letyourselfgo - Evidence, Phonte
5. Down in New York City
6. Moment in Time - Evidence, Planet Asia
7. Look for the Evidence (Interlude)
8. All Said & Done - Evidence,
9. Weather Report 2
10. Perfect Storm - Evidence, ,
11. Chase the Clouds Away
12. NC to CA - Defari, , Evidence, Rapper Big Pooh,
13. Evidence Is Everything
14. Things You Do
15. Biggest Belgium Fan (Interlude)
16. Hot & Cold
17. Line of Scrimmage - Evidence,
18. Believe in Me - Evidence,
19. Born in LA - Chace Infinite, , Evidence, Sick Jacken
20. Weather Report 3
21. I Still Love You

So far one of the best albums of the year. Evidence, (one half of Dilated Peoples) kills it on a solo project. Alchemist produced most of the album and you know what he can do when he gets production freedom. So far favorite tracks are "Letyourselfgo" and "NY to CA"